Soft and chewy chocolate cookies stuffed with melty CBD-infused caramel. Cookies are finished with flaky sea salt. |
Soft and chewy chocolate cookies stuffed with melty CBD-infused caramel. Cookies are finished with flaky sea salt. | Soft and chewy chocolate cookies stuffed with melty CBD-infused caramel. Cookies are finished with flaky sea salt. |


8 Chocolate Desserts to Make for Your Sweetheart

Words by: Family Farm Team

Valentine's Day or not, there's no wrong time to surprise your significant other with a rich, chocolaty treat. And the best ones don't come in neat packages tied with a red bow—they're baked from the heart. Each of these recipes includes an element of chocolate, whether it's a lovingly made cookie crust or a silky smooth custard. You might choose to whip up a batch of fudgy chocolate cookies stuffed with caramel to complement a surprise movie night or try your hand at boozy chocolate mousse to cap off a special candlelit dinner, but one thing's for certain: your efforts will mean the world to your loved one.


1. French Silk Pie Cups For Two

Setting the table for two? This recipe makes just what you need with no leftovers. Each French silk pie cup lives up to its name, starting with a chocolate mousse-esque filling with a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream, all nestled atop a delicate almond flour crust. These pie cups also happen to be low-carb, making them a great option for the keto loved one in your life.


2. Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt

There's more to these chewy chocolate cookies than meets the eye. They're each stuffed with a soft caramel that oozes out when bitten into. If you and your sweetheart are snuggling up on the couch for a night in, nothing pairs better with your favorite show than a few of these warm, melty treats.


3. Chocolate Mocha Cream Pie

This is the creamiest, dreamiest chocolate mocha cream pie you'll ever taste. And don't be surprised if your date is rendered speechless: the silky smooth pudding gives the illusion that a seasoned pastry chef is behind this decadent dessert.


4. Black Magic Cake

Any opportunity to celebrate the person you love is an opportunity for chocolate cake. If you (lovingly) like to call your significant other a chocolate fanatic, this is a fitting dessert to serve them. The cake is as intense as cakes come, and the creamy peanut butter frosting makes every slice pure decadence.


5. Chocolate Mousse with Brandy

Want to impress your significant other? This chocolate mousse has that wow factor you're looking for in the form of brandy. Just a splash brings a sweet, oaky flavor to the whipped, airy dessert. Add a dusting of gold sugar sprinkles to make it feel extra special.


6. Churro French Toast

Though not technically a dessert, this French toast is as sweet as one. Like a traditional churro, it's coated in cinnamon sugar and comes with homemade Mexican chocolate sauce to drizzle over top. For your loved one, waking up to fresh flowers and a sweet breakfast like this one is sure to make any old day feel like a special occasion.


7. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate and pumpkin are a match made in heaven. Case in point: in these cheesecake bars, a chocolate cookie crumble adds just a touch of cocoa flavor to the mellow but rich pumpkin cream cheese filling, making them the perfect choice for the loved one with a taste for less-than-sweet desserts.


8. Chocolate Pots-de-Crème with Old Bay Meringue

Discerning palates will adore this sophisticated dessert, which happens to come from the mind of a professional chef. And there's a major twist to the sweet French chocolate custard: fluffy meringue dusted with Old Bay seasoning. For an extra special occasion (think Valentine's Day or an anniversary), impress your sweetheart with another one of Chef Edward Lee's favorite recipes and make it a full-course meal for the memory books.


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Rick Reineke

February 08, 2020

I always buy organic eggs, but I always look for yours, because I believe you allow your chickens to live like free chickens by allowing them to run out in open air and sunshine. Thank you for being so humane to these helpless creatures

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February 10, 2020

We're so glad to hear you love our eggs, Rick! Our hens and our small family farms are the real MVPs behind it all, and we are deeply appreciative of all they do for us as well as consumers like you. Thanks so much for choosing our eggs!

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