Our Story

Setting a higher standard for farming practices and animal care across an entire industry doesn’t happen without ruffling a few feathers—we squawk the squawk and walk the walk. Proudly B Corp Certified and Certified Humane, we were the first to pave the way for better and we’re still doing it best.

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Nature's Favorite Protein Source

Complete, High-Quality Protein

The FDA cites eggs as a healthy, nutrient-dense source of protein, particularly beneficial for infants, toddlers, pregnant people, and lactating individuals. 

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Studies show that the carbon footprint of eggs is nearly 6x lower than that of beef.

A Better Way to Farm

Our innovative partnership model secures the livelihoods of over 200 small family farms, empowering American farmers to do what they do best on a sustainable scale.

Free-Roaming Flocks

Around 80% of eggs consumed in the U.S. come from hens living indoors in cramped factory barns. Partnering with small family farms has the opposite effect, promoting flock health with ample space to roam.

Sustainability Beyond the Farm

Through our annual environmental, social, and governance commitments and B Corp audits, we remain informed of our full business impact and actively identify areas of improvement. Promoting a healthier planet is at the root of our practices, from the small farms we support to the recycled cartons you see at your local store.


First to do it right
and still doing it best

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Early 1950s

After serving in WWII, Les Ward starts egg farm in NH—1st of 3 generations of ownership.


Early 1980s

Les's daughter Carol & her husband Gerry take over the farm, along with Carol's cousin Pete—Pete & Gerry's brand is born!



Industrialization forces small farms out of business. Pete & Gerry’s falls on hard times but avoids factory farm trap.



Pete & Gerry’s transitions to organic farming to save the family farm.



Our sister brand, Nellie's Free Range, is born!



Pete & Gerry’s, LLC becomes 1st Certified Humane® egg producer in the U.S.



Gerry & Carol’s son, Jesse, takes over the family business, the 3rd generation of ownership.



Pete & Gerry’s, LLC becomes 1st egg producer to become B Corp Certified.


Jan 2022

CA & MA become 1st states to pass Cage-Free Egg legislation. Other states, retailers & food establishments begin to follow suit.


March 2023

Launch of Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised Eggs!



Pete & Gerry’s pledges 1% of all sales of pasture-raised products to support 1% For The Planet, a nonprofit tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.


Present Day

Pete & Gerry's proudly partners with 200+ small family farms in 15 states.

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Family farms who put hens first

Every Pete & Gerry’s partner farm is run by a family. Meet the passionate folks who proudly spend their days producing healthy eggs for your kitchen.

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