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This keto-friendly frozen lemonade pie features an almond flour crust filled with a delicious blend of fresh lemon, sliced strawberries, and egg yolk custard. |


Sweet Springtime Recipes to Welcome Warmer Days

Words by: Family Farm Team

The sweetest thing about spring is the plethora of produce available once the colder months come to an end. Every month, a new berry or crop makes its debut at your local farmer's market, and that's all the inspiration you need to get dessert started. Keep these recipes on hand to showcase seasonal ingredients when the warm weather arrives.


1. Pavlova Snowballs

Bid adieu to colder days! These pavlova "snowballs" nod to romantic snowy scenes, but remind the tastebuds of days on the beach. They're dusted with coconut and soft on the inside: the best of tropical flavors and sweet, simple desserts.


2. Instant Pot Lemon Cheesecake

Although lemons are traditionally a winter citrus, there are many varities that can be enjoyed year round. Something about the brightness of that zingy flavor has us craving it in the spring, and this cheesecake is our favorite way to showcase it.


3. Creamy Meyer Lemon Tarts

Meyer lemons are the slightly sweeter cousin of your average grocery store variety. They're a hybrid with a subtle orange flavor, typicaly available and freshest from November through early spring. Their juice lends just the right balance of sweet and sour to the creamy curd that fills these tarts.


4. Rhubarb Coffee Cake

Rounding off a spring day with this timeless cake and a hot cup of coffee is one of life's forgotten pleasures. We're bringing it back with a twist: fresh rhubarb. It can be harvested from your garden or local market during prime season, which is April through June. Almond flour replaces all-purpose in this recipe, making the cake low-carb and extra tender.


5. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie

Depending on where you live, peak strawberry season starts as early as April and is in full swing through June. They're sweetest and juiciest when fresh, so pick your own or support your local farm stand by purchasing a pint right from the farmers. If you have the willpower to not eat the whole haul on the way home (we rarely do), they'll be the perfect base for this frozen strawberry lemonade pie.


6. Grilled Peaches with Zabaglione

If you're a grill fanatic, you probably have yours fired up the second warm winds sweep through town. Like you, peaches are early bloomers and ready for action all summer long: they're in season all the way from mid-May to the dwindling days of mid-August. Great cookouts require great desserts, and this grilled twist on peaches and cream fits the bill.


7. Pavlova

This cream-filled meringue has such a subtle and sweet flavor of its own that it makes the perfect base for any topping—and the sky's the limit. We recommend adorning the dreamy cloud-like dessert with your favorite in-season fruits. Whether that's blackberries, pomegranate, pineapple, or star fruit, it's bound to be a sweet success.


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