The Zodiac Signs as Deviled Eggs
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The Zodiac Signs as Deviled Eggs

By Family Farm Team
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The Zodiac Signs as Deviled Eggs

When it comes to choosing the perfect finger food for your next gathering, why not take a sign from the universe and let the stars be your guide? Read on for a cosmic culinary experience and learn which deviled egg preparation matches your zodiac sign!

Which deviled egg are you based on your zodiac sign? 

Illustration of zodiac sign Aries as a Chinese spice deviled egg from recipe. |

1. Aries: Chinese Spice Deviled Eggs

You see the importance of keeping traditions alive, which is why you're usually the first to ask the group chat over for brunch. You also put family first and care deeply about where you came from, and look for ways to express that with your favorite recipes. 

Illustration of zodiac sign Taurus as a classic deviled egg from recipe. |

2. Taurus: Classic Deviled Eggs

Some friends and family may accuse you of being "stubborn," but we like to think of it more as an inspiring persistence. You're loyal to yourself and the ones you hold dear, and won't buckle under pressure to change your ways or favorite recipes.

Illustration of zodiac sign Gemini as a Mexican Street Corn deviled egg from recipe. |

3. Gemini: Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs

You're no stranger to multi-tasking and doing a lot with what you've got. Wearing many hats to get the job done is your forte, so an appetizer that combines two tasty dishes into one lip-smacking recipe is right up your alley. 

Illustration of zodiac sign Cancer as a sweet potato deviled egg from recipe. |

4. Cancer: Sweet Potato with Candied Pecans

Intention is everything for both you and your food choices, which are usually made in hopes of bringing everyone together. You're warm and inviting, you care about others, and you do your best to serve comforting dishes that make your guests feel seen.

Illustration of the zodiac sign Leo remimaged as a spicy chipotle deviled egg recipe. |

5. Leo: Spicy Chipotle Deviled Eggs

You're not afraid to show a little emotion when the moment calls for it, which matches your bold and passionate spirit. Some may see your antics and appetizer choices as a little dramatic, but you're still the life of the party and your snacks are beloved by all. 

Illustration of zodiac sign Virgo as a pesto deviled egg from recipe. |

6. Virgo: Pesto Deviled Eggs

You've always paid attention to the little things and have an eye for detail, which brings a certain precision to your friend and food choices. You're also incredibly reliable and appreciate well-balanced flavors, just like a batch of fresh basil pesto.

Illustration of zodiac sign Libra as a beet pickled deviled egg from recipe. |

7. Libra: Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs

You’re all about balance, justice, and keeping your judgements down-to-earth. You also know that appearances and impeccable vibes matter, which is why you reach for scroll-stopping recipes that match your next-level energy.

Illustration of zodiac sign Scorpio as a turmeric pickled deviled egg from recipe. |

8. Scorpio: Turmeric Pickled Deviled Eggs

You know how to plan the perfect adventure—both in the kitchen and out your front door—that brings everyone together. When it comes to snack time, you find ways to marry bold, complex flavors with more subtle notes in every bite.

Illustration of zodiac sign Sagittarius as a pimento deviled egg from recipe. |

9. Sagittarius: Pimento Deviled Eggs

Straying from the status quo doesn't scare you one bit, whether that means chasing the perfect (for you) dream job down an unexpected path or scouring the internet for not-so-subtle flavor combinations that just feel right.  

Illustration of zodiac sign Capricorn as an everything bagel deviled egg from recipe. |

10. Capricorn: Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs

Putting in the work isn't something you shy away from in life, because you know that discipline and a can-do attitude go a long way. In life and lunchtime, you show that you care by going the extra mile in everything you do. 

Illustration of zodiac sign Aquarius as an avocado deviled egg from recipe. |

11. Aquarius: Avocado Deviled Eggs

You're never one to yuck another person's yums because you understand: different yolks for different folks! You appreciate an out-of-the-box approach to cooking...and probably believe in aliens (or at least haven't ruled them out). 

Illustration of zodiac sign Pisces as a smoked salmon deviled egg from recipe. |

12. Pisces: Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

While not necessarily one to go with the flow, you're much more keen on feeling the emotions of the moment flow through you. You seek out ways to reflect your observations and experiences back into the world, which can lead to unexpected but overall delicious outcomes.

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