17 Winning Recipes to Make for Game Day
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17 Winning Recipes to Make for Game Day

By Family Farm Team
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17 Winning Recipes to Make for Game Day

Whether you're tuning into the big game at home or attending a backyard watch party with friends, cover all your bases with easy appetizers, big-batch finger foods, and desserts for both the young and young-at-heart. 

Planning ahead for the ultimate game day experience usually means having plenty of snacks around. Whether you're tuning into the big game at home or attending a backyard watch party with friends, it's important to cover your bases with something sweet, salty, and loaded with flavor to keep your taste buds interested even after halftime ends. Read on for a list of our favorite game day recipes, complete with easy appetizers, big-batch finger foods, and desserts for both the young and young-at-heart. 

A crowd-friendly recipe for breakfast egg rolls filled with breakfast sausage, shredded cheese, and scrambled eggs. | peteandgerrys.com

1. Loaded Breakfast Egg Rolls

Packed with shredded potato, scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and avocado, these breakfast egg rolls are a total home run for your game day crowd. Dipping is all but mandatory when it comes to watching the game, so don't forget to serve them up with a side of salsa.

A shareable keto-friendly recipe for air fryer pretzels that are chewy, salty and pair perfectly with creamy mustard. | peteandgerrys.com

 2. Air Fryer Keto Pretzel Bites

Entertaining a game day crowd can be tricky when each guest has their own preferences, but these pretzel bites are something everyone can agree on. Made with a keto-friendly dough that's low in carbs, they puff up beautifully in your air fryer and are guaranteed to bring those nostalgic concession stand smells to life in your kitchen.

Crispy homemade dumplings made with a vegetarian filling of scrambled eggs, browned mushrooms, and green peppers. | peteandgerrys.com

3. Egg and Pepper Dumplings

These vegetarian egg, pepper, and mushroom dumplings cover all the bases with their tender, umami-forward filling and crispy pan-friend wrappers with a satisfying chewiness. The recipe includes instructions for an easy homemade dipping sauce that knocks it out of the park every time.

Deviled eggs topped with Mexican street corn made with chili, chipotle powder and cotija cheese for a protein packed snack for any crowd. | peteandgerrys.com

4. Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs never strike out when it comes to gatherings of any size, and these are no exception. Inspired by Mexican street corn, their creamy, yolk-based filling is teeming with chili and chipotle powder to amp up your taste buds through every inning, quarter, and period of the game.

A crowd-friendly platter of crispy wonton cups stuffed with a creamy curried egg salad filling and topped with chili flakes | peteandgerrys.com

5. Curry Egg Salad Wonton Cups

Crispy wonton cups happen to be the perfect vessel for serving this tantalizing curried egg salad, and the whole ordeal makes it easier than ever to enjoy a crowd-pleasing dish without the need for utensils—just don't forget the napkins!

A classic egg salad recipe made with mayo, green onions, and mustard and served on buttery mini brioche rolls. | peteandgerrys.com

6. Egg Salad Rolls

There's nothing like kicking back on the couch and enjoying lunch while you watch the game. Speaking of lunch, you can never go wrong with a classic egg salad sandwich on a fluffy brioche roll. Hosting a few friends? Opt for mini rolls to transform these egg salad sandwiches into sliders and easily feed a crowd.

A sunny breakfast pizza topped with fig preserves, arugula, goat cheese, and eggs with runny yolks. | peteandgerrys.com

7. Good Morning Pizza

Pizza and game day is a sacred pairing, but not so sacred that you can't mix things up now and then. Take one for the team by swapping a classic cheese pie for this slightly more elevated and flavorful breakfast pizza with fig preserves, arugula, goat cheese, and runny yolks. You'll be glad you did.

A crowd-friendly breakfast recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes piled high with cheese, steak and sunny eggs. | peteandgerrys.com

8. Twice Baked Steak and Egg Sweet Potatoes

Go for gold with these twice baked potatoes filled with hearty steak, eggs, and no shortage of cheese. They're pure comfort food and will keep your belly full while you cheer on your home team—because no one wants an empty stomach when it's down to the wire.

An elevated appetizer recipe for French-style asiago gougères that delivers light, airy cheese balls with a satisfying crunch. | peteandgerrys.com

9. Asiago Gougeres

Looking for something a bit more elevated than your average bowl of chips and dip? These French-style cheese puffs are airy, golden, and sure to steal the spotlight as the total VIP of your game day spread or grazing board.

A simple, low-carb recipe for keto egg salad made with dill pickles and served on tangy dill pickle chips. | peteandgerrys.com

10. Best Keto Dill Pickle Egg Salad Recipe

If easy finger foods are the name of your game day gathering, these tangy egg salad snacks should definitely make the list. Tailor the keto-friendly recipe to your liking by using homemade dill pickles or your favorite spicy pickle recipe.

Thick, chunky squares of loaded jalapeño cheddar cornbread arranged on a platter and served with homemade scallion butter. | peteandgerrys.com

11. Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread with Scallion Butter

When the time comes to finally watch your favorite teams face off on the big screen, embrace the heat of the moment with a slice of jalapeño cheddar cornbread. A quick batch of homemade scallion butter helps temper the spicy peppers, making the cheesy recipe a balanced side dish to serve your game day crowd. 

A shareable  low-carb recipe for Thai-inspired meatballs made with ground pork, zucchini, fresh ginger, and green onion. | peteandgerrys.com

12. Keto Thai Style Meatballs

Thanks to the binding powers of almond flour and zucchini, this keto-friendly meatball recipe makes for a low-carb appetizer home run. After mixing up the meatballs with ground pork, shredded zucchini, fresh ginger, and green onion, pair these crowd-pleasing finger foods with a homemade dipping sauce for the full experience.

A fully customizable breakfast tostada topped with smashed avocado, chili crunch, melty cheese, and a sunny fried egg. | peteandgerrys.com

13. Chili Cheddar Avocado Tostada

Cheering for your favorite team is easier to do on a satisfied stomach, which means making time for a healthy meal long before the clock starts or watch party begins. Keep these simple, customizable, 10-minute chili cheddar tostadas on deck for those game days that call for an early wake-up or heading out the door. 

A flexible baked egg baguette recipe made with a creamy egg, cheese, seasonings, and diced vegetables filling. | peteandgerrys.com

14. Baked Egg Baguette

Who knew a fresh baguette from your local bakery could be the key to a winning brunch strategy? This impossibly easy recipe calls for scooping out the soft, fluffy interior of a French baguette (like a bread bowl) and filling it with a creamy mixture of protein-rich eggs, diced veggies, fresh herbs, and grated cheese. Simply bake, slice, and serve to win over all your game day guests!

Classic Chilaquiles layered with crispy tortilla chips covered in chili sauce, fried eggs, cilantro, and queso fresco. | peteandgerrys.com

15. Chilaquiles

Whether you're an athlete yourself or prefer sticking to the sidelines when the whistle blows, everyone benefits from a balanced breakfast loaded with healthy proteins. These traditional Chilaquiles layer fresh avocado, cilantro, and red chili sauce atop a bed of warm tortilla chips for a vibrant, crunchy, and all-around satisfying experience.

Nostalgic, low-carb cherry vanilla pudding pops made semifreddo style with egg yolks and dairy-free ingredients. | peteandgerrys.com

16. Keto Cherry Vanilla Pudding Pops

When keeping your cool through all nine innings feels like a challenge, these low-carb pudding pops are here to help. Once frozen to perfection with an easy semifreddo-style recipe, the dairy-free pops can be enjoyed by fans of all ages or stashed away for a rainy day treat.

A Mexican-inspired recipe for fudgy homemade brownies baked with brown sugar, cinnamon, and a swirl of dulce de leche. | peteandgerrys.com

17. Dulce de Leche Brownies

No game day gathering is complete without a pan (or two) of shareable desserts, and the more chocolate the better. This fudgy brownie recipe puts a Mexican twist on the classic treat with notes of brown sugar, cinnamon, and decadent dulce de leche swirled into each bite.

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