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Beet pickled deviled eggs on platter. Hard-boiled eggs are soaked in beet juice overnight, resulting in a a violet exterior. Cross section shows vibrant yellow yolk filling piped into each deviled egg half. |


5 Deviled Egg Recipes for Any Occasion

Words by: Family Farm Team

No party, potluck, or picnic is complete without a platter of deviled eggs. Stay true to the crowd-pleasing finger food while impressing and delighting your friends and family by going a step further than mayonnaise and mustard. Whether you opt for a stunning display of beet-stained egg halves or whip up a creamy avocado and yolk filling, each of these updates on a classic will have guests begging for your deviled egg recipe.


1. Chinese Deviled Eggs

Finally, a pre-feast appetizer worth spoiling your dinner for. These deviled eggs are inspired by a few classic ingredients in Chinese cuisine, namely wasabi and zha cai (pickled mustard greens).


2. Sweet Potato Deviled Eggs with Candied Pecans

If there's one thing traditional deviled eggs are missing, it's texture. The contrast of crunchy pecans candied in brown sugar and the smooth-as-silk sweet potato and mascarpone egg yolk filling makes these deviled eggs the epitome of balance.


3. Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs

As striking as they are delicious, these deviled eggs get their magenta hue from an overnight soak in beet and pink peppercorn brine. The end result? All the sour, sweet, and earthy flavor you could possibly pack into bite-size grub.


4. Pesto Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs benefit from a little bit of brightness in the filling, and in this recipe, that comes in the form of fresh basil and lemon juice. The pesto-like combination is also paleo, which means these deviled eggs are free from refined sugar and and full of nutritious, whole ingredients that everyone can enjoy.


5. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Like egg yolks, avocados have an inherently smooth and creamy texture, so it just makes sense to incorporate them into your deviled eggs. With the addition of lime, cilantro, and garlic, these are reminiscent of a lip-smacking bowl of your favorite guacamole.


Bonus: Homemade Mayonnaise

If you haven't tried making your own mayonnaise at home, this recipe will change the game for you. It'll add a rich, zesty depth of flavor to your deviled eggs that no store-bought mayonnaise could ever come close to; the difference is night and day.


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