COVID-19 and your eggs: an update from us


COVID-19 and Your Eggs

Words by: Family Farm Team

To our friends in the kitchen,

Since the beginning of this pandemic, your news feeds, inboxes, and texts have been filled with messages from companies about the precautions they are taking to protect the health of their workers, customers, and community. It was overwhelming for many, and so we made a conscious decision to avoid posting to social media.

We are aware that you may be seeing our product out of stock at the stores near you, and we’re doing everything in our power to get it back on shelves. The pride we take in nourishing your family comes second only to the health and safety of our Family Farm Team. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that both our eggs and our staff are safe. We are considered “Essential Workers,” and that is a job we do not take lightly.

During this period of uncertainty, we wish to be a source of sustenance as well as inspiration in your kitchen. Not because recipes or activities and are what’s most important right now, but because it feels good to focus on the things within our control that can bring us comfort.

To close, we wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to all of our Essential Workers, including our production line team and all of our small family farmers. If you have found yourself without work, we invite you to take a moment to browse our current open positions.

Please find our latest resources and most Frequently Asked Questions below:



  • Can eggs be frozen?
    • A: Eggs can be frozen when some care is given to the process. Freezing eggs can safely extend their shelf life for 2-4 months, making it a great option when you find yourself with a carton of eggs nearing its expiration date or simply want to plan ahead for future meals. This article teaches you how to freeze eggs.
  • How long can eggs be eaten past their expiration date?
    • A: Like all fresh foods, eggs don't last forever. But thanks to their shells, they're rather resilient. Even though the mandated USDA washing and processing of eggs actually reduces their oxygen barrier, and thus shortens their freshness cycle, they still come with a relatively robust time allowance: eggs can be consumed 45 days from the time of processing (which is usually just a few days after being laid). We recommend eating the eggs by the date printed on the carton for best taste, freshness, and quality.
  • I can’t find your eggs anywhere. When will they be back in stock?
    • A: We realize some stores have been running out of our eggs more than usual lately, and we sincerely apologize for the frustration that may cause. The global situation surrounding the pandemic has affected us in the same way that it has affected so many others. Our hens are continuing to lay and our farmers are still working tirelessly to ensure that we can keep providing healthy, whole food to families across the nation. All in all, we're doing our very best to keep up with increasing demand while keeping our own workers and families safe, but as you know, things all over the country (and beyond) have been changing by the hour, which will inevitably result in some empty shelves and delayed shipments. Our egg locator may provide some additional locations near you where our eggs are sold if your favorite store is currently out of stock. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time!
  • How can I tell if eggs are still good?
    • A: The best way to know if an egg is still good is to go by the use by date on the package that it came in. However, if you have an egg and you're not sure about that date, the float test is another popular method.
  • Can you ship eggs directly to my house?
    • Unfortunately, we do not currently offer shipping directly to consumers. Our egg locator may provide some additional locations near you where our eggs are sold if your favorite store is currently out of stock. If you’re unable to find our eggs and would like to request them from your favorite store, please see the request form on our egg locator page or print one here to bring with you the next time you shop.
  • May I buy chickens from you?
    • A: Unfortunately, we do not sell hens directly to consumers, but we know that raising chickens is a rewarding hobby and a fantastic learning experience for families. We have some great resources here which may help you get started with your own flock!
  • Can I buy eggs directly from your Home Farm facility?
    • A: With the health and safety of our hard working production team top of mind, we are unable to sell eggs directly from our packaging plant at this time. If you can, we hope you’ll consider supporting one of our local retail partners instead. Locations that sell our eggs near you can be found on our egg locator.


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