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Giovagnoli Family Farm

Merrimack County, NH

Tom Giovagnoli comes from a farming family. His grandfather had a vegetable farm in New Jersey. His father moved to New Hampshire right after WWII to marry the sister of an Army buddy, bought a farm in Manchester and began raising hogs. Tom grew up one of seven sons on that farm, and they all helped with the hogs. Tom eventually bought his own farm in Dunbarton NH where he and his sons raised beef cattle and a few hogs. Like his father, Tom also worked off the farm as an equipment mechanic. Tom has three sons. Eric is a diesel mechanic, Andy works in construction for his uncle and Jake is a mechanical engineering student. All three worked on the farm growing up.

Tom always wanted to farm full-time, so he contacted Pete and Gerry’s about building a layer barn. Unfortunately, his neighbors in Dunbarton objected so vehemently to him having a 20,000-hen layer barn that he ended up selling his farm. He bought 200 acres in the neighboring town of Boscawen and started over. He cleared the land and built a house on the property in 2015. He built a layer barn in 2016 and housed his first flock in September. “I have always farmed,” Tom states. “It’s in my blood. I have always had beef and hogs. My retirement will allow me to farm full-time with my sons. Farming keeps families together.” Tom’s new flock is just starting to produce. He has retirement income plus some from beef he raises on the family farm in Manchester. Andy sells firewood and will work every day in the layer barn, and Eric will help out as much as his recently broken wrist will allow. Tom has big plans for his farm. He wants to build a second layer barn and clear more land for pasture so he can increase the size of his beef herd. “If you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life,” he declares.

Tom, Eric and Andy all own motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles and love to ride them. They also enjoy working on antique vehicles. Tom rides a 1964 Harley Davidson motorcycle and is currently restoring a 1935 Dodge pickup and his father’s 1939 Sterling dump truck. Andy is restoring a 1955 International pickup. “It’s going to be tough for small, family-owned farms in the future unless we can educate the public about the value of small farms,” Tom says. “People are fortunately becoming aware of where their food comes from,” Andy adds.

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