Upcoming farm tour dates

Farm tours are postponed for the 2020 season as we focus on keepin gour farmers, animals, and communities safe. Updates will be posted here—check back soon!

A few important notes about our tours

  1. We only offer a small number of tours each year because our family farms are all-hands-on-deck operations. Our farmers are in the hen houses tending the flock and packing eggs every single day, and this big job is usually handled by one person or a small family.
  2. We must observe very careful safety precautions with the recent outbreaks of Avian Influenza, among other disease risks. So unfortunately, even though we encourage everyone to raise their own hens when possible, we cannot allow those who have regular contact with live poultry to tour our farms. If someone visits one of our farms who has their own hen house and some tiny micro-organism hitches a ride on their boots or clothing, our farm family could lose an entire flock.

Currently no farm tours are scheduled please check back soon