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Breckbill Family Farm

Lancaster County, PA

David Breckbill grew up on his uncle’s Lancaster County farm where they raised hogs, beef and crops. His father ran the farm, and David worked on the farm during summers. He and Janelle lived about 10 miles apart and met in their Church Youth Group. Not long after they married, David went to work for his brother installing floor coverings. He still works full-time laying hardwood floors and carpeting. They now have four children, Katelyn – 14, Kelsey – 12, Kyle – 10 and Emma – 6. David explains how they got into poultry farming.

“Janelle’s parents wanted to keep their 38-acre farm intact and in the family. Janelle and I wanted to raise our children on a farm, so we explored a number of farming options.” “Poultry worked best for the size of the property. We built our first layer barn on the farm in 2008 and bought the farm two years later. Now Janelle’s mother and father live right across the yard.” David and Janelle built a second layer barn and now have about 38,000 laying hens. They pack eggs together in the morning before David heads off to work, and then Janelle finishes up and cares for the hens. Katelyn helps by walking the barn and picking up floor eggs. Between David’s job, income from the eggs and renting out the farm’s 30 tillable acres, they keep the farm together. “I enjoy packing the eggs,” Janelle explains.

“It lets me contribute to our income while being home with the family. And I like having the kids work with me. We can talk and stay close.” “I like walking through the barn in the morning,” David says. ”The hens make a happy noise. They really sing. You know by the noise when they’re happy or when something is wrong.” David and Janelle both enjoy camping and going to the beach with their family. Janelle also loves to read—mostly non-fiction biographies. “We like working with Pete and Gerry’s,” David adds. “They’re very organized. And Heritage helps us stay productive.”


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