Bomgardner Family Farm

Lebanon County, PA

Greg and Katie Bomgardner met as kids in 4-H where they both showed pigs and steers. Katie grew up on their 42-acre farm in Annville, PA where her parents raised cows and pigs. Greg grew up on a dairy farm just over the hill.

After they married, they bought the farm from Katie’s parents and began egg farming. They have two sons and a daughter to help out.

In addition to egg production, they raise grass-fed steers and pigs and do some crop farming. “I have always been in farming,” Greg states with pride. “When it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood. I like being with my family, and the kids are a great help.”

In addition to being farmers, Greg and Katie also juggle the same responsibilities as any family with three children. “We spend a lot of time with our kids. They’re big in 4-H, and we like to help them get ready for fairs and farm shows. We support them in sports, and they help out on the farm when they get home from school.” Greg says he likes poultry farming. “I like collecting and packing the eggs. I get a lot of satisfaction seeing all the eggs in the cooler. I like knowing that I’m providing people with a good product. That’s what farmers do.”

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