What is Certified Humane?

Certified Humane® is a program of Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of all farm animals. Our Certified Humane® label assures that all of our free range farms meet HFAC’s rigorous standards and pass their thorough inspection. Wearing this label guarantees that we believe in the welfare of our organic, free-range and pasture-raised hens and you can believe in what you buy.

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Our Certified Humane hens will always have:

  • Expansive pasture.
  • Nutritious quality feed to supplement their outdoor forage.
  • Fresh, pure water whenever they want it.
  • Clean and spacious well-ventilated barns to keep safe from predators.
  • Stress-free lives with the freedom to do what comes naturally, like roosting, scratching, and dust bathing.
  • Ready access to safe-from-predators fenced in pasture.

To learn more about the Certified Humane Program, check out their website at: www.certifiedhumane.com.

Our Story

The Pete & Gerry’s family has been farming for over three generations.

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Our Family Farms

We proudly work with over 45 small family farms.

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