Zimmerman Family Farm

Union County, PA

Maynard Zimmerman left the farm as young man to build barns, but in time, the farming life pulled him back. He and his wife, Arlene, bought their farm as a place to raise their young family. They wanted their kids to grow up on a farm and learn how to work – as all six of them did. In addition to his hens, Maynard had 43 dairy cows at one time.

“I sold off the cows when my sons moved off the farm,” Maynard explains. “They were not interested in dairy farming, and it was too much for me alone.” Maynard's flocks have lush pasture to wander in as well as lots and lots of dirt for taking dust baths. His daughter Leah still works on the farm helping pack eggs and cleaning up the barn.

He also brings in a crop of hay every summer for extra income. “I like being my own boss, and I love working with the animals. I’m going to do this as long as I can."

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