Musser Family Farm

Lebanon County, PA

Gary Musser grew up on his farm. His father bought the farm and a dairy herd at nineteen and still has about 80 cows. Gary worked on the farm, but he didn’t really like working with dairy cows. So when he was eighteen, he took a job off the farm installing garage doors. He also worked as an auto mechanic and for an agricultural supply company. He always wanted to get back into farming, just not dairy. Jessica grew up on a neighbor farm, where her father raised hogs. She and Gary knew each other from school and church. Eventually, they married and now have three daughters.

Their house was originally part of Gary’s father’s farm. “My dad was always around when I was a kid,” Gary explains. “So, I wanted to work at home with my family too. I knew some farmers who were producing for Pete and Gerry’s, so I reached out to them and eventually we started working together. It has been a terrific relationship so far."

In addition to the hens, Gary also does hay bailing for other farmers in the area. He likes being able to work at home and make his own schedule. Jessica likes that they get to spend a lot of time with their children. For relaxation, they like camping at local campgrounds. That way Gary can easily get back to the farm for chores if he needs to.

“I’d like to keep things just about the way they are. I’m very happy producing Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs for the folks that appreciate that type of quality."

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