The wild ways of pasture-raised

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See Pasture-Raised in the Wild

Knowing that these eggs come from hens who enjoy the freedom to forage on lush pastures, soaking up the sun, and feasting on a nutrient-rich diet, makes every bite even more satisfying.
Paloma R.

As soon as you eat these eggs, you can tell that these chickens were raised differently. The egg yolks are a vibrant yellow and the egg is creamier than any other egg that I have tasted.
Edward H.

I was like many other people in thinking cage-free was great for chickens, but now I know that pasture-raised is best. Being free to roam around and fresh air really does make for a better egg.
Melissa R.

  • 108 sq ft Per Hen
  • Endless Hours of Socializing
  • Soaking Up the Sunshine
  • Foraging for Delicious Snacks
  • Self-Care Dust Baths

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