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Tom Giovagnoli

Boscawen, New Hampshire

Tom Giovagnoli is a third generation organic family farmer. His grandfather had a vegetable farm in New Jersey. Tom eventually bought his own farm in Dunbarton, NH where he and his three sons raised cattle and a few hogs. But he still had to make ends meet, so he took a stressful part time job as a mechanic.

Tom has a passion for farming the right way, and he wanted to do it full-time. So he contacted Pete and Gerry’s about starting a farm in Boscawen, NH. He cleared the land, built his house and a spacious barn for his hens.

“I have always farmed,” Tom states. “It’s in my blood. It’s almost therapeutic for me actually. The hens allow me to farm full-time with my sons. Farming keeps families together.” “It’s going to be tough for small, family-owned farms in the future–unless we can educate the public about the value of small farms and quality of food they produce.”

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We take pride in our small family farms. We offer farm tours to let our customers get a first-hand experince of our small family farms.

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