Nolt Family Farm

Perry County, PA

Dennis Nolt grew up in New Holland PA, as the youngest of seven children. His family raised steers, and Dennis helped out on the farm. He and his wife Lawanda met at a church youth group meeting and married in 2001. Dennis was working for a hardware retailer, but he wanted to do something where he could be with his family. His grandparents were farmers, and his sisters married dairy farmers. He decided it was in his blood and to give it a try himself.

They purchased their 43-acre farm in 2015 and built their two barns and got to work with two flocks of hens. “We started this to be able to work with our kids,” he explains, to help them learn about farming and where their food comes from. We want them to develop a good work ethic. Although, I had no real experience with hens," he admits, "Pete and Gerry's has helped me learn how to do it properly.”

Dennis’s favorite part of the day is packing the eggs. “I like seeing what I have accomplished. I take a lot of pride in it.“ I also like the personal connection with the company, and that Pete and Gerry’s is fighting for family farmers.” Dennis would like to have other animals on his farm at some point. “I don’t really have the time right now, but once I get this under control, I’d like to raise some cattle” he says. “I don’t have much time to relax since we got the hens. We like spending time at a family cabin, and I enjoy hunting out behind my farm.”

Dennis is hopeful about the future of small family farms. “As long as people are willing to pay for better quality eggs, we can keep the farm going."

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