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John Miller Family Farm

Caledonia County, VT

The Millers are our newest contract farmers. Their farm is located only 25 miles from our home farm. They just finished their new 20,000-hen layer barn and housed their first flock. John and Marie were both born in northern Vermont, but their families moved out of state when they were kids. John’s parents moved to a dairy farm in upstate New York. Marie’s parents moved to central Massachusetts. John and Marie met at John’s best friend’s wedding in Massachusetts. “She asked me to dance. I was never much for dancing, but we sure danced a lot that day,” John quips. They were married in 1994 and moved to their Vermont farm in 2002. John raised and trained a team of Belgian horses and began using them for logging on the 90-acre farm. He also raised beef cattle, worked for a local electric utility and a construction company.

Marie works as an oncology nurse at a medical facility. “I was looking for a farm job when Marie saw an ad for a barn operator at Pete and Gerry’s. I applied and got the job. I learned at the company [Christmas]( party they were looking for contract farmers, so I talked to our bank about financing.” “I originally wanted a dairy farm; but after working for Pete and Gerry’s and seeing how they worked, I decided on poultry. The work is easier and the income is steadier than dairy farming. If I hadn’t worked there, I would never have had the idea to build my own layer barn.” John and Marie have three teenage children – Jennifer, Jacob and Malcolm. They all help out with the chickens, but Malcolm wants to stick with it. When he retires, John hopes to sell the farm to Malcolm.

“I love farming,” John continues. “ I like working with livestock, I like raising crops, and I like working outside. Most of all, I like being with my family.” For relaxation, we all go over to Lake Champlain and to the beach in Maine. We go to Maine every year. I also like deer hunting, and we enjoy growing our own vegetables.

Favorite Recipe

Bacon and eggs with eggs fried in bacon fat


A Beagle named Tusty and a Golden Retriever named Elliot.


Snowshoeing & Ice fishing

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