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Why We Love Breakfast Bowls

Words by: Tom Piper

We’re not sure who invented the breakfast bowl, but it’s about time we thanked him or her. Profusely.

After all, there’s no easier way to make a sophisticated looking breakfast. And did we mention that it can take less time than brewing a pot of coffee?

The basic formula First, put a few humble things into a bowl—maybe hot sautéed potatoes or hash, cooked rice or grits, sautéed greens, or even a bit of a leftover stir-fry or stew. Next, top it all with an egg or two, cooked your way. Then, you can give the whole thing an optional dash of some flavorful condiment—say, sriracha sauce, ketchup, or [insert your favorite secret sauce idea here].

Suddenly you have a nourishing, filling meal in a bowl that’s good enough for company. Bonus: Maybe you used up some leftovers, too!

A few easy riffs

Some of our favorite breakfast bowl recipes, from, riff just a little more on that same, basic formula. Make them in your microwave and keep your kitchen cool. They’re perfect for a crazy-busy morning when you want something a little more exciting than cereal.

Give ‘em a try – just click on the title to take you to the recipe. What’s your favorite breakfast bowl? Post a photo here!


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