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It’s #FarmerFriday!

Words by: Sandra Laflamme

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs is a thriving family farm and is working hard to help with the regrowth of family egg farming in the Northeast. Did you know that within the past 20 years as many as 100 family egg farms were forced out of business with the rise of conventional caged egg farming in the Northeast? Pete and Gerry’s has worked hard to survive in the changing landscape of egg farming in the Northeast. We now work with over 35 small family farms in Northeast in additions to our own production on our organic and cage-free farm in Monroe, NH. We are constantly working towards more efficient sustainable practices and would like to continue the growth of our family farm by finding more farmers to work with. We hope that new generations of farmers will join us in bringing family egg farms back to the Northeast.

If you’re interested in producing eggs for us, please contact Karl Johnson at 603-638-2034 or [email protected].


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