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Decorating Brown Eggs for Easter


Did you know you can decorate brown eggs? To the families who raise our beautiful brown organic eggs, it just comes naturally. “I’m always baking and cooking with them anyway,” says Neila Zook, who raises hens in two barns for us with her family in Pennsylvania.

Words by: Tom Piper

No special dyes needed! The Zooks just use the egg decorating kits available in any supermarket. This year, they had fun with a neon color kit (here, 4-year-old “G-Man” shows off his handiwork).

Old-world, rich color. Starting with brown eggs gives you a whole new color palate to work with. Eggs take on an elegant, deeper tone: yellows become deep gold, purples take on an eggplant-like hue, blues and greens become nicely dusky. It’s a beautiful change from the ordinary!

Other dyes to try. You can also experiment with organic egg dye kits, or make your own natural egg dyes using ingredients like red cabbage, beets, blueberries, turmeric—even flower petals! DIY natural egg dyeing takes a little more time, but you’ll love the rich, natural-looking colors it produces.


Paint, sparkles and feathers, oh my. Of course, instead of (or in addition to) dyeing our eggs, you can paint them, drizzle them with colored glues, cover with feathers, sequins, or glitter – the sky’s the limit! Or, draw a design or write a message on your eggs (we couldn’t resist a little shameless product placement here).

Another nice perk of starting with great eggs: When you’re finished admiring them, you can turn them into the best organic egg salad ever (say, this tasty egg salad with avocado, from via “Just knowing that I am giving my family the best quality egg there is, is great to me!” says Neila


How do you decorate our beautiful brown eggs? Share it here!


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