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Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs offer the best of both worlds – organic farming practices paired with the highest animal welfare standards. Our hens are raised on small family farms across the country where they roam as they please on grassy, organic pasture, foraging for delicious grasshoppers and grubs, dust bathing, scratching in the dirt, and socializing in the fresh air. The end result? The best quality egg you can buy at the store.

Egg Whiches

Easy Meals To Make When You’re Working From Home

Step away from that laptop (even if it's just for a few minutes) and whip up a real meal! These recipes can be made on the fly and will keep you fueled through another afternoon full of Zoom calls.

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Why Organic

Why Organic Matters

Organic eggs make a huge difference – they’re better for the environment, better for you, and better-tasting, too.

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About Us

About Us

At Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, our family has been farming for over three generations. Now, our small, independent partner farms are committed to bringing you the highest quality, organic eggs possible.

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